SPCS is pleased to welcome back artist JAY P. FOSGITT! Jay has created comics for many familiar properties, such as “Sesame Street”, “My Little Pony”, “G.I. Joe”, “Micronauts”, “Transformers”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Star Trek” (IDW), “Popeye” (KING FEATURES), “Adventure Time”, “Rugrats”, “The Amazing World Of Gumball”, Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”, “The Dark Crystal” and “Fraggle Rock” (BOOM!), “Betty & Veronica” and “Little Sabrina” (ARCHIE), “Rocket Raccoon and Groot”, “Avengers”, “Gwenpool”, “Web Warriors”, “Champions”, “Deadpool”, “Jessica Jones”, “Not Brand ECHH”, “Lockjaw”, “Spider-Geddon” and “Damage Control” (MARVEL), Rumble (IMAGE). Jay has illustrated several book series for Disney Publishing. Jay has also written and drawn his creator-owned titles “Bodie Troll”, “Junk Drawer Comics”, “Dead Duck and Zombie Chick” (Source Point Press), and “Necronomicomics” (Rue Morgue). He resides in Michigan with his cat, Goonie.







SPCS is pleased to welcome back artist RONDA PATTINSON. Ronda is a veteran comic book colourist best known for her long run on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for IDW Publishing. She has coloured hundreds of comics including such notable titles as “Star Wars”, “Spider-man”, “The Maxx”, “Usagi Yojimbo” and many more. She was nominated for an Eisner Award as Best Colourist for her work on “Atomic Robo” in 2008. In 2020 she added writing to her resume, including several short stories and a mini-series for the TMNT franchise. In addition to TMNT, her current colouring projects include the upcoming “Dark Spaces: Good Deeds” and a middle grade OGN.




SPCS is pleased to welcome back JR FAULKNER – SPCS Cartoonist Laureate J.R. Faulkner is returning for her eighth year! In addition to helping out the show in so many ways, including illustrating our program cover every year, Jules is the creator of the online comic strips PROMISES, PROMISES (www.promisescomic.com) and KNIGHT & DAVE (http://www.knightanddave.com).

Although she may have started PROMISES, PROMISES back in ’08 in a vain attempt to write off a gym membership as a business expense, it has gone on to produce three volumes in print and is syndicated on GoComics and Comics Chameleon. However, KNIGHT & DAVE is an all-ages comedy/adventure that has been a considerable departure from PROMISES, PROMISES but much closer to Jules’s roots in animation (also available on Comics Chameleon).

@JulesR10 https://www.facebook.com/Promisescomic


SPCS is very pleased to welcome back cartoonist JAMES ANDERSON. A graphic designer by day, James picks up his electronical pencil at night to become Ellie’s liaison to the world, translating her discoveries on Planet X into comic form. His latest creation is MacFluff: Dog of Danger, another all-ages masterpiece featuring a mystery solving canine.