SPCS is very pleased to welcome back JR FAULKNER. SPCS Cartoonist Laureate, JR Faulkner is back for her sixth year with a special announcement! The third collection of Promises Promises online comics, “Starting Right After the Holidays” will launch at the 2018 show! Pre-orders are available on the Promises Promises website, if you would like to arrange to pick up of your copy at the show, (and skip the shipping charges), you can email Jules via the website or message her through the Promises Promises Facebook page. In addition to helping out the show in so many ways including illustrating our program cover every year, Jules is the creator of the online comic strips PROMISES, PROMISES (https://www.gocomics.com/promises-promises) and KNIGHT AND DAVE (https://www.knightanddave.com) Both are also available on the Comic Chameleon app.


SPCS is very pleased to welcome cosplay guest MESSIAH COMPLEX COSPLAY. Geoff got into cosplay a couple of years ago when a friend gave him a Jayne Cobb hat from the show Firefly. He bought and scrounged the rest for Jayne and hasn’t looked back since. Things were pretty low key until September of 2016 when he wore Negan for the first time. Ever since then, it’s been a whirlwind of cons, appearances, photo shoots and even a few videos. His goal is to cosplay full time, but is aware that it takes a lot of time and patience. It may never happen. But Geoff has some things in the works right now that could be the first steps to making that goal a reality. So stay tuned!

Signature cosplays: Negan from The Walking Dead and The Comedian from Watchmen

Instagram: messiahcomplexcosplay


SPCS is very pleased to welcome back artist GIBSON QUARTER. Gibson is a comic book artist /illustrator working out of the RAID Studio in Toronto. He is best known for illustration work on THE WAR ON DRUGS strips with writer Alan Grant in the European magazine WASTED. Gibson is the regular artist on the ‘Organ Grinder’ stories in the UNDERTOW Comic from 7th Wave. He has worked for a number of other books and publishers, such as Dynamite Entertainment, CAPTAIN CANUCK, HEROES OF THE NORTH and numerous other European magazines like Frogman, Northern Lightz, and FutureQuake.


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